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10 Most Valuable Sports Team in the World in 2024

The world’s most valuable sports team could come from baseball, basketball, or soccer league, but no one can be as supreme as America’s football league, the league, or the NFL.

The NFL Dallas Cowboys are the first according to Forbes list, worth with 9.0 billion dollar valuation. Hence, it is the most valuable team in the world. Dallas was purchased by Jerry Jones in 1989 for 150 million dollars. In its initial stage, the growth of this team was slower, but in the last 5 years, the Dallas valuation increased by 80%.

Below is the list of the 10 most valuable people from all over the world.

Team League Value in billions
Dallas Cowboys  NFL 9.0
Newyork Yankees MLB 7.1
Golden State Warriors  NBA 7.0
New England Patriots NFL 7.0
Los angeles Rams NFL 6.9
New york Gaints NFL 6.8
Chicago bears NFL 6.3
Las Vegas Riders NFL 6.2
New york Knicks NBA 6.1
 New York Jets NFL 6.1

Teams in the NFL are rocking by 7 out of 10 on the Forbes list. NFL teams, including the New England Patriots, have a worth of 7.0 million dollars, while the Los Angeles Rams are standing at 6.9 billion. These two teams are two out of five of the world’s most valuable sports teams. The second most valuable sports team is the MLB  New York Yankees, with a valuation of 7.1 billion dollars, and they are the only representative of major-league basketball on our list. Apart from the NFL, MLB and NBA have two teams, with the Golden State Warriors ranking with the highest holding valuation of 7.0 million dollars.

Dallas Cowboys: 

First spot on the most valuable sports team worldwide

The Dallas Cowboys are a team of professional football players from Dallas. They compete in the NFL (National Football League), being members of the National Football Conference League. Dallas headquarters are situated in Fresco, Texas. This team has played their home game in Texas since it started in 2009. Dallas Cowboys is the only honourable team that has recorded 20 straight winning seasons from 1966 to 1985, even though they missed the playoffs.

This team became the first sports team to be valued at $4 million in 2015, making it the most valuable sports team in the world, according to the Forbes list.

 New York Yankees: 

Second spot for the most valuable sports team worldwide

The professional base bowlers of the  New York Yankees are American, and their team is based in the  New York City Bronx. As a member club of the American League East Division, they compete in major league basketball. This team was started in 1903, and then Frank Farell and Bill Devery purchased the franchise rights, it used to be known as the Highlanders and was renamed the Yankees in 1913. The New York Yankees are owned by Yankee Global Enterprises, an unlimited liability company controlled by the family of George Stewart, who purchased it in 1973.

The team won 20 American League division titles, 27 World Series championships, and 40 American leak pennants, making it the most successful professional sports team in the United States.

Golden State Warriors: 

Third spot for the most valuable sports team worldwide

The Golden State Warriors are a team of American basketball players based in San Francisco. Being a member of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference, the food bowler competes in the National Basketball Association. This was founded in 1946 in Philadelphia; afterwards, the team moved to the San Francisco area in 1962. This team plays its home game at Chase Center.

They won the Basketball Association of America championship in 1947 and again in 1956. The team finished at its worst and set a record in the 1964–65 session. After signing former MVP Kevin Durant, the team started to win back-to-back championships from 2017 to 19.

The New England Patriots

Hold the fourth spot for the most valuable sports team worldwide.

This team was established on November 16, 1959, and it is 64 years old. The session of New England Patriots was held in 1960 and was played in Gillette Stadium, Massachusetts. As a number of American football conferences are divided, this team competes in the National Football League. The franchise owner is Robert Craft, who purchased the team in 1994. The Patriots play their home games at various stadiums throughout Boston. New England patriot, who holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins.

Los Angeles Rams 

Take the fifth spot for the most valuable sports team worldwide.


Los Angeles Ram was established on February 12, 1937, which means it is 87 years old. Its first session was played at Sophie Stadium in California in 1937, and the franchise was founded in 1936 in Cleveland, Ohio. Its headquarters are in California. As a member of the National Football Conference West Division, this team competes in the National Football League. They play their games at the Sophist Stadium in Inglewood.

This football club is the only franchise team to win championships representing different 3 countries. In 1945, it was representing Cleveland, Los Angeles in 1915 and 2021, and Saint Louis in 1999.

 New York Gaints: 

Sixth spot for the most valuable sports team worldwide

The  New York Giants were established on August 1st, 1925, which means 98 years ago. Its first season was played in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in 1925. This team of professional American footballers is based in the New York metropolitan area as a member of the NFC. The Giants complete the team’s home games at MetLife Stadium Putlocks in New Jersey, which is 5 miles west of  New York City. New York James was one of the five teams formed in 1925 and is only the one that still exists in the northeastern United States. This team ranks third among all preseason franchises with eight NFL championship titles.

The Giant’s heated competition with the Philadelphia Eagle is the oldest and has been called the best rivalry in the National Football League in the 21st century.

Chicago bears 

7th spot for the most valuable sports team worldwide.

Chicago Beer was established on September 17, 1920, and its first session was played in Soldier Field, Chicago. The Headquarters of Bears is in Hallas Hill, Illinois.

The franchise was founded in Data Tour Aliens on September 19, 1999, and it became professional on September 17, 1920. This team plays in the football league, being a member of the NFC, not a division. The Bears already have nine national football league records in the  Pro Football Hall of Fame and the most retired jersey numbers. The rivalry of the Chicago Bears is Green Day Packers, which makes beer the second most victorious of any NFL franchise because Green Day Packers is in the first spot.

Las Vegas Raiders: 

Eighth spot for the most valuable sports team worldwide

Las Vegas Raiders was established on January 30, 1960, at 64 years old. Its headquarters are in the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center, Nevada. The team is based in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The professionals play in the National Football League as a member club of the American Football Conference’s best division league. Readers play their home game at  Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Noida. Originally based in Oakland, California, CID Davis was the owner of this team until he died in 2011. Subsequently, the franchise was passed to Davidson Mark Davis with his wife Carol, who was maintaining ownership of the franchise.

 New York Knicks/New York’s Jets 

Hold the 9th and 10th spots for the most valuable sports teams worldwide.

The  New York Knicks are a baseball team and a member of the National Basketball Association; on the other hand, the New Yorkers are an American football team from the NFL. Both teams have a net worth of 6.10 billion dollars; that’s why they are in the same position.

The New York Knick was founded in 1946 in Madison Square Garden, New York. This team was formally known as the New York Knicker Boxers, which got shorted, and now it is known as the  New York Knicks. This team of American basketball is based in Manhattan and has an MBA as a member of the East Division. The team plays its home game at Madison Square Garden.

This team was successful during its early years and played constantly under head coach Joe Lapchick. Since 2000, this team has been struggling to regain the success that they had before.

The  New York Jets are a team of American footballers based in the New York metropolitan area. This professional completes the NFL by being a member of the AFC division. This team was established on August 14, 1965, and held its first session in 1960 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Its headquarters are located in Atlantic Health New Jersey.  New York Jets is an unlimited liability company that is legally organized as a franchise under the name New York Jets LLC.

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