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4/29/2022 |  Badminton World Federation agrees Youku streaming rights deal in China (SportsPro Insider) Chinese streaming platform Youku has secured the broadcast rights to Badminton World Federation (BWF) events in the country. The deal covers the BWF World Championships, The Thomas Cup the Uber Cup, and the Sudirman Cup for the next five years.
12/20/2021 |  Inside the wildly competitive world of recreational badminton in Singapore, where players jockey for courts and space is snapped up in minutes (Business Insider)

Growing up in the New Jersey suburbs, a couple of things defined my summers, among them hot dogs, sunburns, and drawn-out games of backyard badminton with my dad and little brother. We had a net lined with a hot pink streak, and by the time the sun set on weekends, we'd be tired, covered in grass stains, and nursing stubbed toes.

Now I live in Singapore, halfway across the world from where I grew up. Bergen County this is not — and here, badminton is no mere evening activity. It's a lifestyle, and a highly competitive one at that.

10/20/2021 |  BWF renews partnership with HSBC for one year (SportsPro Insider)

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has announced a one-year extension of its global partnership with banking giant HSBC.

7/30/2021 |  Japan tests teleporting games and "remote cheering" (AXIOS Sports) Japanese telecom giant NTT is using the Olympics to show off a new generation of technologies that can transport the sporting experience to wherever fans are, instead of making them come to games.

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