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SBRnet and the Sports Market Analytics Platform provide a comprehensive online platform of nationwide sports business, sports marketing and sports marketing analytics, using syndicated custom and proprietary research for professional and college sports, consumer research, industry reports, and licensed industry articles. The service features extensive research and custom reports covering sports participation, the fan market and behaviors, venues, sponsorships, and expenditure on sporting goods, brand preference, and more. The service also provides the academic community with a comprehensive Sports Business Resource Center to provide additional research support and insights.


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How international NFL fans pick jerseys: Chicken pox, video games and family To explain how he came to be in late October standing inside Wembley Stadium wearing a Giants blue Saquon Barkley jersey above a traditional Scottish kilt — before a game between the Broncos and Jaguars — Kevin Eddison has to take you back to 1987.
As a 14-year-old growing up in Aberdeen, Scotland, Eddison was grappling with a maddening case of chicken pox. He sat on the couch, unable to sleep. The only thing on TV late that night in January: Super Bowl XXI between the Giants and Broncos.

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

In The Classroom with SBRnet: Professor Nancy Lough at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Neil joined the IPSM-711 Sport Marketing Class taught by Professor Nancy Lough at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This course is a study of the conceptual and empirical approaches sport leaders can utilize for building relationships with stakeholders of college sport programs.

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My First Job In Sports
My First Job in Sports Web Series is available in both video and audio versions, this content is focused exclusively on helping students that are interested in getting that first job in sports and how others have been able to break in.

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Sports Law Expert

A media outlet designed to communicate the availability of sports law experts to the legal community. One of the blog’s goals is to share news and insights about sports law experts, whether they are attorneys or expert witness, that will help you the lawyer make the best possible decision about who you want to retain.

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A comprehensive guide to all relevant data, organized by key segments, Sports Fandom, Sports Participation, Consumer Sports Equipment Purchases, plus exclusive data and insights for Sports Gambling, Fantasy Sports, Sports Gaming, traditional and streaming media and post pandemic attendance at live sporting events.

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A full menu of business contacts, social media figures to follow, sports business books every college student should read, Sports Business Podcasts, SBRnet in the Classroom, and much more.

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My First Job In Sports

Looking to launch your career. See and hear how to do it from professionals who have already done it in our video/audio podcast series, hosted by SBRnet’s own Neil Schwartz and Mark Sullivan.

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Our curated selection of the best websites and resources for team and player statistics, analysis and projections.

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