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Special Reports

SBRnet is pleased to present this series of special reports that are done by outside contributors working together with our staff of analysts and students interns.  All data used here comes directly from the SBRnet Annual Study of Sports Fans.  This consumer survey was conducted online in January 2024 among a representative panel of U.S. consumers age 13 or older. A total of 6,666 respondents completed the survey.  If you want more information, please reach out to SBRnet at

Winning with Female Sports Fans
The article explores the influence of sponsorship on various sports and their fans. It points out that the WNBA and women's sports have the highest percentage of fans influenced by sponsorship, followed by the NBA and other women's sports. This information offers potential sponsors insights into which sports may provide the best return on investment for their sponsorship. The article also emphasizes the significance of female and young fans in the sports industry. It indicates that female sports fans are an important demographic for sports sponsorships, and that women's sports have a higher percentage of younger fans compared to most major American sports. This data presents opportunities for brands to make a lasting impact on their brand by tapping into the burgeoning world of women's sports and young fans. Lastly, the article underscores the role of social media in increasing sponsorship influence. It demonstrates that sports with a larger social media following have greater influence on sponsors, thereby increasing the sport's value. Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the impact of sponsorship on various sports and their fans, as well as how potential sponsors can use this information to maximize their sponsorship deals. SBRnet would like to thank Bryce Hadley, Graduate Student at Temple University working together with Jordyn Geller who will be attending the University of Central Florida as a Grad Student.  Jordyn is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024