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2/6/2024 |  Pickleball Kingdom to Open in Philadelphia (SGB UPDATE) Pickleball Kingdom, the indoor pickleball franchiser, announced it will open its latest club in Philadelphia, brought to the community by local franchisees Chris and BethAnn Monteith.
Founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, Ace Rodrigues, explained, “One of our core values is, ‘Life is Better with Pickleball,’ and nowhere will that be truer than when we open the Pickleball Kingdom in the city of ‘brotherly love.'”
2/2/2024 |  Hall of Fame tennis player Andre Agassi uncovers new passion with pickleball (Associated Press (AP)) At first, Andre Agassi was perplexed by the pickleball craze. He just didn’t quite understand the appeal.
Now, the Hall of Fame tennis player can’t get enough of hitting drop shots and moving toward the kitchen (that’s a pickleball term).
Agassi watches pickleball videos — just long enough to be inspired to play — goes to his club every other day for pickleball games and even has a hand in designing pickleball paddles. He’s become driven with unlocking the best pickleball version of himself — just like he strived to do on the tennis court over a career that included eight Grand Slam singles titles.
1/31/2024 |  Pickleball Kingdom Expands into Austin, TX (SGB UPDATE) Pickleball Kingdom is further expanding by opening two new clubs in Austin, TX. The clubs are the latest business opportunity for entrepreneur and franchisee Jared Jolly.
The company said in a release that “Pickleball Kingdom’s expansion into Austin marks a significant milestone in the sport’s growth in Texas. Pickleball Kingdom’s new clubs expect to offer an unparalleled playing experience. The clubs are designed to cater to both seasoned players and newcomers, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the fastest-growing sport in America.”
1/25/2024 |  Andre Agassi Among Investors in DUPR Pickleball Rating System (SGB UPDATE) Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR), the international rating system for pickleball, engaged a new board, ownership, investors, and an influx of $8 million to advance its mission of unifying the sport with technology and a global rating system.
1/18/2024 |  Pickleball Kingdom Opening in Tampa (SGB UPDATE)

Pickleball Kingdom is opening its latest franchise in Tampa, FL. The expansion marks another milestone in the company’s commitment to bring pickleball directly to consumers.

Steve Poborka is the local franchisee for the Tampa club. 

“My family and I love playing pickleball! Now I’m excited to share my love for the sport with the Tampa community,” said Poborka. “Pickleball Kingdom’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with my vision for the new location, and I can’t wait to welcome players of all backgrounds to experience the thrill of the Kingdom.”

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