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1/25/2023 |  FC Barcelona Partners with Travel + Leisure GO (SportsTravel) FC Barcelona has signed a partnership agreement with Orlando-based subscription travel club Travel + Leisure GO as the organization’s official Travel Club Partner in the United States.
Featuring bookable itineraries, Travel + Leisure GO is a membership for frequent travelers and now, FC Barcelona fans. As part of the partnership, Travel + Leisure GO plans to feature a curated itinerary to Barcelona.
1/25/2023 |  Japan: Nagasaki Stadium City has a titular sponsor ( Construction of the Nagasaki arena started just over six months ago and is gradually moving forward. Although the investment is at an early stage, there is some success to speak of. It is already known that there will be a sponsor stated in the name of the facility. 
1/25/2023 |  Netherlands: Go Ahead Eagles stadium expansion has funding ( Go Ahead Eagles have been balancing between the Eredivisie and the Eerste Divisie for several seasons. However, the club has a group of numerous supporters, who despite the lack of major success, care about the attendance at the home stadium. Hence the need for the facility to be enlarged. 
1/25/2023 |  Full Takeover Expected for Manchester United in Coming Weeks (Front Office Sports)
  • Groups who have registered interest in Manchester United so far are reportedly more drawn to buying the team outright.
  • Jim Ratcliffe and his chemicals company INEOS recently announced they had entered the process.
Manchester United is expected to say goodbye to its current American owners as a full takeover looms.
1/25/2023 |  England: Wolverhampton Wanderers kick off virtual games at Molineux ( Fans of Wolves - the Premier League side - can now visit the club’s home arena, without actually leaving the comfort of their home. All thanks to developments in technology and a VR kit.

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