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Aaron Judge’s 61st Home Run Is Worth the Wait (Wall Street Journal) That adorable little bunny hop as soon as he connected made it clear: Aaron Judge very much would like this home run record done. It had been a long, arid week of timid pitching and lost opportunities, but on Wednesday night, the Yankee slugger got back at it, No. 61, a screamer against the Blue Jays into the left field bullpen in Toronto.

Phillies-Nationals Saturday doubleheader will move to Friday due to Hurricane Ian: Sources (Athletic, The) Saturday’s doubleheader between the Phillies and Nationals at Nationals Park will be moved to Friday due to the potential impact of Hurricane Ian in Washington, D.C., according to sources close to the situation.

The Dodgers' season is one for the ages (AXIOS Sports) The Dodgers won their franchise-record 107th game on Wednesday, putting a bow on one of the greatest regular seasons in MLB history.
By the numbers: With seven games left, they have a chance to become just the seventh team to win 110 games in a season.
  • Their +322 run differential is the sixth-best since 1900 and the best since the 1939 Yankees. It's also nearly 100 better than second place (Yankees, +235).

Minnesota Twins float redesign for Minnie and Paul logo (AXIOS Sports) The Twins are coming out with new branding for next season, and that includes a tweak to the Minnie and Paul logo beyond centerfield.
Between the lines: One local doctor and consulting physician to the Twins has been pushing for a more diverse Minnie and Paul logo than the two white ballplayers shaking hands after home runs. 

Daily Sports Smile: MLB's Compton Youth Academy honors student-athletes with in-person celebration (USA TODAY) Long before Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene took the mound in his professional debut against the World Series defending champion Atlanta Braves this spring, he played baseball at the Youth Academy in Compton, Calif. The facility is part of Major League Baseball's initiative to serve underprivileged youth.

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