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5/24/2024 |  WWE SummerSlam Headed to Minnepolis in 2026 (SportsTravel) WWE SummerSlam will be held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis from August 1–2, 2026, the first non-WrestleMania WWE event that will be held over the course of two days.
The 2026 SummerSlam will mark the first time WWE will host a stadium event in the city. WWE and Minnesota Sports and Events will deliver a host of fan and community events in the days leading up to and after SummerSlam.
5/6/2024 |  WrestleMania 41 Heading to Las Vegas in 2025 (SportsTravel) On the heels of hosting two major worldwide sporting events within the past seven months, Las Vegas has added another huge sporting event to its portfolio.
WWE and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority have announced that Las Vegas will host WrestleMania 41 at Allegiant Stadium on April 19–20, 2025.
“Allegiant Stadium has proven to be even greater than the A+ venue Las Vegas guaranteed it would be,” said Nick Khan, WWE president. “We look forward to bringing WWE’s biggest event, WrestleMania, to Las Vegas and Allegiant Stadium so we can collectively make WrestleMania 41 on April 19–20, 2025, the most successful WWE event of all time.”
5/2/2024 |  Philadelphia CVB Creates WrestleMania Banners Auction (Sports Handle) Following a record-setting WrestleMania event on April 6–7 at Lincoln Financial Field, the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau is now auctioning off pieces of WWE history with the proceeds going to a good cause.
WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia was the most successful and highest-grossing event in WWE history. The event shattered all-time gate, viewership, merchandise, fan event and social media records.
4/17/2024 |  Vince McMahon is taking vacations and in touch with Trump as WWE tries to move on from scandal-plagued ex-CEO (CNBC Sports)
  • Ex-WWE CEO Vince McMahon is taking lavish vacations and staying in touch with former President Donald Trump since he left the organization that he turned into a global phenomenon.
  • McMahon resigned as executive chairman of the WWE earlier this year after a former employee, Janel Grant, accused him of sexual abuse and trafficking, allegations he has denied.
  • McMahon has not stayed in contact with WWE leaders, but has been in touch with John Cena and Dwayne Johnson, two of the wrestling outfit’s biggest success stories.
4/16/2024 |  USA Wrestling Heads to State College Spotlight (SportsTravel) There are wrestling hotbeds throughout the United States and while most know of the tradition of Iowa and Oklahoma State collegiately, there’s always been one place where the sport’s heartbeat pumps faster and louder than others – Pennsylvania.
It’s the region that develops as many elite wrestlers as there are trees throughout the commonwealth. Perhaps no more is the sport more a part of life than in Central Pennsylvania, where towns with only a few stoplights – and some with none – don’t wait for football to start each school year but for wrestling season.

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