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4/5/2024 |  NBDA Expands E-bike Database Initiative (SGB UPDATE) The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) is expanding its e-bike database initiative with a comprehensive resource for certified and insured e-bikes available in the U.S. The NBDA database will be a “vital tool” for retailers, consumers, e-bike incentive programs, and municipalities seeking to ensure the highest safety and quality standards in the e-bike market.
“Building upon the success of the initial launch last year, the NBDA invites e-bike brands and manufacturers to opt in and provide their certifications and insurance documents to enrich this invaluable resource,” the NBDA offered in a press release. “This initiative aims to streamline the process for retailers in selecting products for their stores while promoting transparency and accountability within the industry.”
4/1/2024 |  MyStromer Reaches Settlement as Revolt Zycling Admits to Patent Infringement (SGB UPDATE) Revolt Zycling signed a binding cease-and-desist declaration and agreed to pay a confidential settlement amount to MyStromer AG to resolve its legal dispute.
The patent-infringing Opium Bikes, the company’s first generation, are banned from being sold in Switzerland and various markets in the European Union.
After Revolt Zycling admitted to a patent infringement, it settled the proceedings before the Unified Patent Court in February. The settlement comes after the Swiss Federal Patent Court and previously the Unified Patent Court ordered a preliminary prohibition on manufacturing and marketing against Revolt Zycling AG due to patent infringement for its previously marketed Opium Bikes,
3/25/2024 |  Mavic is Fine-Tuning Products, Adding Reps to Address U.S. Market Needs (SGB UPDATE) Mavic has reportedly continued to develop sales and support in North America, adding reps and scheduling key events.
The company said it has embarked a steady rollout of new reps to manage the growth of retailers across the country, with new reps added in California, Nevada, Pacific Northwest, Mountain States, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Florida.
2/28/2024 |  Frog Bikes Taps U.S. Distributor to Expand Availability of Premium Kids Bikes (SGB UPDATE) Lightweight kid’s bike maker Frog Bikes partnered with GB Sport Distributors in the U.S. to “elevate the availability and accessibility” of the company’s brand.
“We are delighted to be appointed as the distributor of Frog Bikes in the USA,” said Richard Gamble, head of marketing at GB Sport Distributors. “The experience our children had with Frog bikes left us impressed by the Frog brand. Since our very first visit to the Frog Bikes factory, we were overwhelmed by the investment in R&D and the drive of the whole team to manufacture the very best bikes for children, prioritizing sustainability throughout the process. We are looking forward to reintroducing the Frog Bikes brand to the U.S. at our first event, the Philly Bike Expo, on March 16-17, 2024.”
2/23/2024 |  EXEC: Fox Factory’s Q4 and Full Year Results Gutted by Declines in the Bike Business (SGB UPDATE) Fox Factory Holding Corp. delivered $332.5 million in revenue in the fourth quarter, with approximately $17 million in revenue contribution from Marucci Sports. 
Company CEO Mike Dennison said the fourth quarter for Fox Factory saw wins, achievements and significant headwinds with the ongoing OE challenges, which the company started seeing after Labor Day. Dennison said its view on these issues will persist into the first half 2024.

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