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12/9/2023 |  This year’s Heisman finalists are an ode to college football’s portal/NIL era with 3 transfer QBs (Associated Press (AP)) NEW YORK (AP) — This year’s Heisman Trophy ceremony will be an ode to the new era of college sports, transformed by the transfer portal and NIL.
Three of the four Heisman finalists are quarterbacks who blossomed into stars at their second schools and were having so much fun in college that they decided to stick around an extra year — or two.
12/9/2023 |  Eagles security guard DiSandro banned from sideline for Sunday Night Football vs. Cowboys (Associated Press (AP)) PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Eagles security chief who was ejected in last week’s game for his role in a scuffle with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw is barred by the NFL from the sideline for Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys, the team announced Saturday.
12/9/2023 |  Steelers' Jaylen Warren has massive fine rescinded after winning appeal with NFL (CBS Sports) The Steelers have lost two straight games, but Pittsburgh running back Jaylen Warren received a big win by getting one of his fines rescinded by the NFL. 

Warren was initially fined $48,556 for lowering his helmet while blocking Rams linebacker Michael Hoecht in during the Steelers' Week 7 win over the Rams. 
12/9/2023 |  Heisman Trophy is recognizable and prestigious, but how much does it weigh? (USA TODAY) The Heisman Memorial Trophy, given to the nation’s most outstanding collegiate football player, is one of the most recognizable and prestigious trophies in all of sports, with the ball carrier encased in bronze, stiff-arming his way down the field.
The Heisman is also one of the heaviest trophies in sports and hasn’t changed much over the years, coming in at 45 pounds. It is 14 inches long, 13 inches in height, and six inches in width, and no doubt winners will have issues getting it through airport security. Perhaps the thrill of winning a trophy is the ability to pick it up. Some sports trophies don’t have that luxury.
12/8/2023 |  Does Colorado's No. 1 recruit beef up Buffs' biggest vulnerability? (DEADSPIN) During his inaugural season at Colorado, Deion Sanders coached a Gucci-wearin’, finesse football team that palled around with celebrities, flashed luxury watches and piled up obscene passing numbers in a series of offensive shootouts. They also couldn’t protect their quarterback or their jewelry. 

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