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1/25/2023 |  49ers lead the way in comp picks for diverse rewards policy (Associated Press (AP)) Since the NFL implemented its diverse rewards policy in 2020, the San Francisco 49ers have been front-runners.
The Niners were awarded five compensation draft picks in the third round for developing Martin Mayhew, Robert Saleh and Mike McDaniel. They’ll receive two more for Ran Carthon and another if DeMeco Ryans becomes a head coach this offseason.
1/25/2023 |  News: Big 12, Pickleball on TV, Schonely, and more (Sports Media Watch)

Texas and Oklahoma may leave the Big 12 early
Although Texas and Oklahoma are scheduled to leave the Big 12 conference in 2025, the delay in releasing the 2023 conference schedule is due to current negotiations by the two schools to leave for the SEC early. Although leaving early would result in approximately $100 million in exit fees, according to a CBS Sports report, it would benefit both parties. Texas and Oklahoma would get their move earlier and wouldn’t have to play any of the new Big 12 members. Meanwhile, the eight legacy Big 12 schools who agreed to dilute their share of the first two years of the new $380 million/year ESPN and Fox deal to help fund newcomers BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, and Houston, could be made whole through the Texas and Oklahoma exit fees.

1/25/2023 |  NFL’s Detroit Lions add FieldTurf to Ford Field (Stadia Magazine) The Detroit Lions have announced that the FieldTurf surface at Ford Field and practice facility, Allen Park, are being upgraded with a new FieldTurf CORE system, the first multi-layer dual-polymer monofilament fiber.
1/25/2023 |  Why Deion Sanders said he'd never work with Nike again ... but he is now, sort of (USA TODAY)

Deion Sanders has said he would never work with Nike again.

That’s been his answer in recent years when asked about wearing Nike shoes or resuming his relationship with the shoe company that once helped make him rich:

1/25/2023 |  Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes named MVP by writers; Bosa, Jefferson earn awards (United Press International (UPI)) Jan. 25 (UPI) -- Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes received 2022 NFL MVP honors from one of the three organizations to vote on the annual award, the Pro Football Writers Association of American announced Wednesday.

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