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12/9/2023 |  WATCH: Suns' DJ remixes Steve Kerr's harsh words for in-game music at Footprint Center (CBS Sports) Kerr expressed his disdain for the 'thumping techno club music' in Phoenix
Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr recently expressed his disdain for the Phoenix Suns' in-arena music. The Suns' DJ took those words to heart and created a remix of Kerr's critical words.
12/8/2023 |  Vanessa Bryant Says Nike Kobe 6 ‘Reverse Grinch’ Will Release With 3 Times the Sneakers as Usual (Footwear News) The Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Reverse Grinch” will release this month as one of the most highly anticipated drops of the year, and Vanessa Bryant has good news for those looking to land a pair.
In an Instagram story, the widow of Kobe Bryant said the “Reverse Grinch” will release with three times the units “it’s ever been before.” She also added that more frequent Nike Kobe releases are on the way and that she hopes her and Nike can get to a place where more of the demand can be met. 
12/8/2023 |  Give us more Charles Barkley insulting Stephen A. Smith (DEADSPIN) ESPN and TNT have combined their coverage of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, and as always, Charles Barkley kept things interesting.
After praising several of his colleagues, the Hall of Famer turned his attention to ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith.
12/8/2023 |  Giannis and Zion sure sounded like they, too, didn’t take the In-Season Tournament seriously (DEADSPIN) The biggest questions facing the NBA’s In-Season Tournament were: Would people care? Would fans care? Would players care? Because if no one cares, then we’re back to square one of the Association’s conundrum and watching effortless (not the good kind) December basketball. 
12/8/2023 |  Cuban-Adelson Transaction Could Hold Implications Far Beyond NBA (Sports Handle) Asked last week to identify a sleeper candidate for next fall’s presidential election, Chuck Todd enumerated the qualities of a shrewd entrepreneur who recently left the shark-infested waters of a popular reality TV show.
Hours after reports surfaced of a groundbreaking sale of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban received a call last Wednesday from Todd, NBC News’ chief political analyst. The former moderator of NBC’s Meet The Press wanted to gauge Cuban’s interest in running for the presidency.

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