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Premium SBRnet Services

Fan Studies

(Included in Basic SMA Subscription) Since 2017, SBRnet has been conducting our proprietary consumer sports fan study twice yearly. These consumer surveys were conducted online among a representative panel of U.S. consumers ages 13 or older. For the first time, SBRnet is making the raw, weighted data available for deep analysis and use with modern data platforms like Tableau, R , Python and Excel.

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PREMIUM: Fan Studies - Team-By-Team Extracts

The Special Data Extracts display the fan studies information in a cross-tabulation format across all teams within the league providing you with an informative alternate view of the data.

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PREMIUM: Fans & Brands

These Special Brand Data Extracts display the fan study information in a cross-tabbed format across all teams within the league providing you with an alternative view to perform comparative data analysis on a team-by-team basis focused on 9 specifically curated consumer brands/services.

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Brand Share Index

(Included in Basic SMA Subscription) The Brand Share Index is a proprietary analysis and insight derived from SBRnet’s Annual Fan and Consumer Brand Studies. It combines sports fan preferences for their favorite teams and marries it together with their brand preferences across a wide variety of key categories.

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SBRnet has introduced a a Holistic Way of Looking at Audience measurement of Sports Combining Traditional Media Measurement with Fan Engagement. Our proprietary Sports Fan Audience Measurement rating that combines traditional audience measurement with multiple active fan focused engagement data points.

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SMA Interactive

(Included in Basic SMA Subscription) SMA Interactive is a premium service, allowing users to create their own analytical tables from SMA’s database. SMA Interactive enables users to compare how well a brand performs within a particular demographic segment of the total fan base relative to how the same brand performs among all fans in the same sport category.

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