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Greenfly report on how the NHL boosts Player and partner content access and fan engagement using AI for digital media contextual analysis and scene detection.
Sam Carp and Sports Pro Media report on Inside the NBA.

 Listen Notes interview Eboni Wilson, Vice President of Guest Experience for UBS Arena, to gain insight on the arena business. 

TOM PETERSON And Stateline report on track chairs and trails accessible to people with disabilities.
 And NeimanLab report on Taylor Swift and her role in todays culture and the media. 
Adam Levi and TSN report on the history and culture of Indigenous roots within lacrosse.
The ETCs: Dawn Staley and the Superstar Formula
Posted: 11/21/2023 10:37:30 AM
University of South Carolina coach Dawn Staley sat down with Bernadette Doykos for a special episode of “The ETCs” where she breaks down the common variables of a hoops superstar, the future of college basketball, and more.