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The Hottest Social Media for Sports

When it comes to looking at the Social Media habits of Sports Fans, new kid on the bock is garnering the biggest gains. In just one year, Tik Toc has grown a remarkable 70% in terms of the number of sports fans that use Tik Tok on a regular basis, according to SBRnet’s Fan Behavior Study. Facebook is the leader and still champ when it comes to the total number of fans that use the platform, but Tic Tok racked up the largest year over year growth. The graph below tells a great story when it comes to understanding the social media habits of sports fans.

While most of the social media conversation this past year was about Instgram, Tik Tok has snuck up on everyone. According to Neil Schwartz, President of SBRnet and Chief Data Officer, "In our Post Pandemic sports world, changes with sports fans are happening faster than ever before. Media engagement and acceptance rates are usually a slow but steady build, but in this case Tik Tok is on a social media rocket ship to the moon."

As we look deeper into the data, Gen-Z sports fans are driving the bulk of this growth for Tik Tok. As all sports organizations seek to court younger fans, Tik Tok may provide them with the conduit needed to make it happen.

These changes mean that students and others that are studying the changing media habits of sports fans need to be paying careful attention to the sports fan data that is available exclusively from SBRnet. The challenge is, how do you build a media plan without including Tik Toc at his point?

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