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The 4-1-1 from MIT Conference

We sent Neil to the recent MIT Sloan Data Analytics Conference in Boston.  He sat in on a number of panels and presentation covering and according to our man in Boston, the key topics were:
  • Sports Gambling
  • Women in Sports
  • And the continuing use and evolution of data at all levels of the sports business.
SBRnet has you and your students covered in all those segments and our coverage is about to get even better. SBRnet’s 2022 Study of Fan Behavior will include expanded insights on women’s professional sports, sports travel and gambling, including a detailed breakout of how fans perceive the different betting sites.

Here’s a link to our current sports betting data. We promise to let you know when the 2022 data is posted.

Women’s professional sports are red hot and the ratings and investment numbers back it up. “If you’re talking about women’s sports, everyone will take your call,” said Meredith McPherron, CEO & Managing Partner, Drive by DraftKings. “Everyone is interested and no one wants to be left out.”

McPherron is a graduate of Harvard Business School and well versed in data, which is a part of every conversation at the MIT Sloan Conference, which ESPN Columnist Bill Simmons has referred to as “Dorkaplaooza.” SBRnet’s Neil is kinder. He calls it “Burning Man for data nerds.”

The sports data business has bifurcated into three main areas: athlete performance, team performance and business intelligence, which focuses on the commerce around sports.

Two other buzzwords to impress your friends in the sports business world? “NFTs and Metaverse.”
“You could have played a drinking game and taken a shot every time someone said one of those words,” said Amir Zonozi, president of Zoomph. That would have been a lot of shots.

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