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SBRnet in the Classroom

As interest in the business of sports becomes a much larger opportunity for students, professors and librarians are asking us to get more involved directly with the students by making in class presentations and providing guidance on specific projects.

Since taking the reins at SBRnet, we have spoken to four classes at Washington University in Saint Louis, George Washington University, Linfield University in Oregon and Cornerstone University in Michigan.

For a look at our class at George Washington, click here.

We have loved doing this.

Topics have ranged from discussing what types of research methodologies are best suited for a specific task, the latest trends from the 2021 SBRnet Fan Study and career opportunities in the sports business.

It’s exciting to see our data come to life and interact with students and professors in a classroom setting (even if it is over zoom).

“You would be hard pressed to find a classroom topic, case study or student project that would not be able to benefit in some way from the data that is contained on the Sports Market Analytics platform,” said Neil Scwartz, SBRnet president and Chief Data Officer. “The secret to all of this,” adds Schwartz, “is there are multiyear trends for just about every category of data. The secret to analysis is in the trends and not just the one-off experiences you see in a data slice from one year.”

We realize that this year’s graduating class has only recently received their diplomas but we are already planning our Fall 2021 schedule of classes, both in-person and online.

This fall, we’ll have even more to talk about as we introduce new content on SBRnet that focus on career opportunities, the modern social media landscape and much more. If you are interested in having us speak to your students or library staff, please contact us at the e-mail addresses below. and

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