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Exploring the Football Fanverse

You are invited to a conversation with Neil Schwartz and Mark Sullivan of SBRnet
on fan behavior and trends to watch for the coming college and pro football seasons.
A fast paced, informative, lively 30 minutes.

Thursday, August 25th at 11 a.m. Eastern

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  • 1st Quarter: What is active versus passive fan engagement and how can we measure it. 
  • 2nd Quarter:  Who are the teams to watch out for in terms of fan engagement for the upcoming Season.  Who’s up, who’s down and who’s stuck in their own endzone?
  • 3rd Quarter: Road Games.   Whose fans travel best for professional and college football. Those least likely to pack a bag?
  • 4th Quarter: How to take one of the bigger underserved fan markets and turn it into the gold for marketers.  It’s the year of the woman super fan.
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