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Championing Change Now

Written By Michele Kang

The NCAA women’s national championship and the entire past month was yet another incredible opportunity to showcase world-class female talent…and did it deliver! Men and women alike were enthralled by the unbelievable athletes that captivated millions on basketball courts and in living rooms around the country. We must build on the momentum and continue to invest in females, our health, and the youth. Only 6% of sports science research in the world is focused on females, and has been widely shared, 45% of girls drop out of youth sports by the age of 14. That is a 40% higher rate than boys the same age. These numbers are staggering and need to change.

Investment in females creates a ripple effect of positive change in schools, our youth, communities and the future. Ninety-four percent of female C-suite executives played sports when they were younger.

So, let’s be clear: investment in women’s sports is not charity and my investment in women’s soccer, the Washington Spirit, London City and OL Féminin (Lyon) is not charity. It’s an important business, a good business, and the right business. It’s on us to create the next leaders; improve physical and mental wellness, mentorship, and education; and to keep girls in sports.

The data we read about every day will not change unless we change.

• 85% of female athletes have not received education about aspects related to female health.
• 1.3 million female athletes have fewer opportunities than their male peers.
• Two out of three youths are inactive every day.
• Injury risk is significantly elevated right before menstruation.

To do so, our commitment with the Washington Spirit, OL Feminine and London City:

• Access: Investment in programs to increase the number of female athletes around the world.
• Science: Investment in sports science data to understand the female hormonal cycle and developing techniques to revolutionize how females are trained.
• Education: Investment in sharing the research with as many people as we can to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health.
• Coaching: Investment in new coaches, new training techniques and a significant effort to bring more female coaches into sports.
• Programming: Investment in programs to build more leaders, mentors, and healthy life outcomes for all.

Join us today. Let’s champion change together.

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