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Burlington Bees

RSV Pro Facilities Report
March, 2015
Burlington Bees

PO Box 824 Burlington, IA 52601 Phone: 319-754-5705 Fax: 319-754-5882 URL: Owner: Burlington Baseball Association Inc League: Midwest League, Western

Community Field, 2712 Mt Pleasant St, Burlington, IA 52601 Owner: City of Burlington Managed by: Team Built: 1970 Capacity: 3,500 Permanent concession stands: 5 Concessionaire: Team Soft drink: Pepsi Cola Beer: Multiple

Ticket prices
Season tickets range from $215 to $300 Single tickets range from $5.50 to $8.00

856 2013 average attendance: 1,015 2014 average attendance: 1,054

Built in 1970, there are no luxury suites or club seats at Community Field.
Iowa has given a $5.25 million grant to Burlington to help fund a $27 million community facilities project that includes upgrades to Community Field.
The work includes new concession stands, new entrances, an enlarged press box and upgrades to rest rooms and dressing rooms. Signage and road work also saw improvements.
Work was complete for opening day in 2005. (Baseball, Facilities, Minor League, Professional Sports, Venue)