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Barrie Colts

RSV Pro Facilities Report
March, 2014
Barrie Colts
555 Bayview Dr Barrie, ON L4M 6E7 Phone: 705-722-6587 Fax: 705-721-9709 URL: Owner: Jamie Massie League: Ontario Major Junior Hockey League, Central Division
Barrie Molson Centre, 555 Bayview Dr, Barrie, ON L4M 6E7 Owner: City of Barrie Managed by: Owner Built: 1995 Capacity: 4,200 Permanent concession stands: 6 Concessionaire: Owner Suite caterer: Owner Soft drink: Coca Cola Beer: Sleeman Brewing Ltd.
Ticket Prices
Season tickets range from $519 to $591 Single tickets range from $18.80 to $21.25
2011 average attendance: 3,490
Quantity: 27 Term: 5 to 10 years Price: $7,000 to $8,500 Seats: 8 to 12 Includes: Parking. Party suite rental is $247 and requires purchase of 12 tickets.
Club Seats
Quantity: 720 Term: 3 to 10 years Price: $150 to $250 Includes: Parking, private restaurant access. Tickets are extra. The price reflects a yearly fee.

The Ontario Hockey League Colts are the only professional sports team currently playing at the facility. The city leases the suites at the facility. The venue features the Horsepower Grill that is open to suite holders and club seat holders without reservations. The public may make reservations on a space-available basis.
The team sells 8' X 14' backlit signs for $10,500 per season, 2' X 20' concourse backlits for the same price and 3' X 12' north bowl signs on the media level for $3,750. Rinkboard signs in a media-viewable position are $3,750 a year while non-media signs are $2,750. Suite-level signage is $3,500 or $5,500, depending upon the size. In-ice ads are $5,500. The Zamboni is $6,500.
Other signs range from $1,750 on the penalty box to $3,250 on the home player benches.
Companies wanting to sponsor events have several choices. The Corporate Boardroom night hosts up to 14 persons and includes food and non-alcoholic drinks for $1,000. Groups of up to 100 can enjoy hot dogs, soft drinks and recognition for $3,000. A smaller package for 50 people is $2,000. (Facilities, Financial, Ice Hockey, Minor League, Professional Sports, Venue)