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SMA Interactive

SMA Interactive is a premium service, allowing users to create their own analytical tables from SMA’s database.  SMA Interactive enables users to compare how well a brand performs within a particular demographic segment of the total fan base relative to how the same brand performs among all fans in the same sport category.

It is calculated by dividing the brand’s percentage share within a segment, such as “males” by the brand’s percentage share among all fans within a sport category (listed in the “Select a Sport” column below. For example, if a brand’s overall share is 10.0% and the same brand’s share among males is 15.0%, then the Brand Share Index (BSI) for males is 150.

Here’s how to execute a report, and all other reports you might want to create:

  1. Select a sport in the Select a Sport box.
  2. Select a Brand Segment (select one).
  3. Select a Row Heading (select as many as you want. If you don’t want all brands, but you want more than one brand, highlight the first brand in the menu, then hold down the "ctrl" key an highlight all other brands you want to compare.
  4. Select a Column Heading, using the same procedure as described in step 3 above.
  5. Click on Search Brand Info to view a bar chart and accompanying table with the summary data.