Fan Study Methodology

This consumer survey was conducted online for SBRnet by Irwin Broh in December 2020 among a representative panel of U.S. consumers age 13 or older. A total of 3,475 respondents completed the survey.


The Sporting Goods Market (Products): Survey Metholdology

This report presents projections of consumer purchases from an online survey conducted in each February among a representative panel of over 55,000 households.All products are based on purchases during the calendar year (January-December). Projections of sales were based on 118.7 million households.


Participation: Survey Metholdology

A. Sampling

For "Sports Participation in 2010: Series I," an online panel of more than 41,000 households maintained by TNS was used. The panel is balanced on characteristics determined to be key indicators of general purchase behavior, including household size and composition, household income, age of household head, region and market size


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