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Profile - Susan M. Klopper - Emory University

Making it work at Emory University

Susan M. Klopper is the Director of the Goizueta Business Library at Emory University in Atlanta. She answers a few questions from about the library and how she’s managing.

  • Q.    How has use of the library changed since the avid of Covid-19 and what steps are you taking to make it accessible to students?
  • A.    The business librarians are working with students 100 percent virtually.  The Goizueta Business School is smaller than most Bschools, and intimacy and face-to-face have always been a part of our culture, so this has been a huge shift for the team. Like everyone else who has been adjusting to working remotely, we are getting better at it over time.  We have found it can be easier to find times to meet, although with students all living all over the world, we have had to adjust hours, including adding some very early morning and later evening shifts.  We do miss the more serendipitous “pop-in” opportunities to connect with the students, which happened regularly when we were in our physical library.  This semester we are exploring weekly “Virtual Drop-In Hours” as an alternative. We miss meeting with the students face-to-face, but have found that we can continue to offer the same quality of consultation virtually.

  • Q.    What interests your students most about using sports data?
  • A. The Bschool has a strong analytics curriculum, and the nature of sports as historically rich in data has made it a natural and popular fit for student projects.  Plus, many students have an understanding of the data and love sports, so it’s an area that sparks genuine interest.  It also is a career path, whether it be from the analytics, marketing, or operations side that has long been popular at Goizueta Business School.

  • Q.    What advice would you give to your colleagues in today’s world?
  • A.    This period has been filled with opportunities to practice and embrace competencies such as flexibility, creativity, thinking outside the box, adaptability, design thinking, and change management.  It has been a huge lesson in blowing up the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way.”  Now, it’s all about ‘figure it out.”  I don’t have a crystal ball to anticipate the change on the overall profession, but I don’t foresee everything going back to the way it was.  It will be exciting to see where we all land.

The Goizueta Business Library is one of eight on Emory’s campus.

Klopper joined in 2002 and has been the director since 2004. She manages a staff of eight, including a part-time IT associate, who she says has been incredibly valuable since the campus shut down in March. She says about 75% of Goizueta school classes are online and the library has extended online desk hours to accommodate international students in different time zones. “It’s working,” she says, “but we look forward to the day when we can see our students in person again.”

Posted: 10/15/2020 4:52:32 PM

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