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When we were approached by the Lipsey family after the founder of SBRnet and Sports Market Analytics passed away this year, my partner, Mark Sullivan and I jumped at the chance to carry on with his legacy. As we found out very quickly, Dick had special relationships with many of our subscribers. It is Mark’s and my goal to ensure that we carry on with this legacy of always being there to support, guide and develop the service and make it better.

I have over 2 decades of experience in marketing and consumer research, with the past 16 years devoted to sports, fitness, and all active lifestyle categories. I also have an experience working with the buy side and private equity side of the financial industry. I have worked on many key product launches, IPO’s, mergers and acquisitions. To reach Neil:

Mark Sullivan bring over 2 decades of experience from the Sports Media and Trade Publishing side of the business. Mark is also one of the creators of “The Running Event” which remains to this day the premier trade show focused on Running and related categories. To reach Mark:

In order to make it better, our first priority was to speak to as many of our subscribers/users to better understand their needs of the Librarians that function as the caretakers for this information. We also reached out to a number of professors and other teaching professionals to understand the aspects they liked about the service, the things they didn’t like and suggestions for ways to make it better. We listened and prepared a set of objectives focused on what changes we wanted to make in the short term and then what’s best for the service long term. What has provided a big challenge for all of us is how to we operate in this new environment created by the Covid-19 global pandemic. Given this, here are some of the things we have either completed already or have in the pipeline.

  • 1. The very first change that we made to the service was to add a “Download to Excel” button. This makes working with the data much easier. In the coming months, there are plans to enhance this by allowing you to create sets of multiple reports that can be downloaded into one Excel worksheet.
  • 2. We realize the change to various learning models combining virtual and in person learning have also created some challenges with respect that we look at how we secure the data. If you start to have issues with user access, please reach out to me at and we can figure out the best option. We have a few different ways that we can handle this situation.
  • 3. We are planning to add what we are calling “curriculum-based content” to the site in the form of short video tutorials explaining best practices and providing great “how to” and specific data suggestions responding to many of the key questions. Look for the first of these before Q1 of 2021.
  • 4. Mark and I are also dedicated to the idea that one of the best ways to support the service is to provide “curated content” that can be used in class or as a supplement to in class and independent projects. That will include a new “podcast search feature”, added to the current article search area. We are also planning to build a series of one-one video interviews with various industry leaders from teams, leagues, the financial community and others as a way to add context to what is going on out in the marketplace. What will sports look like post Covid-19 pandemic. From a teaching and curriculum standpoint, you will be able to build entire plans around these interviews.
  • 5. Mark and I are also planning to feature relevant whitepapers and research papers that are done by both subscribers that are using the SBRnet data as well as people from outside the SBR network. If you have a paper that you would like to submit, please reach out to me and we can make that happen.
  • 6. Our last change that we are looking to implement in the short term will be to update the overall look of the site.

Over the next few months we encourage you to reach out to us, or we are going to reach out to you. Our goal is to continue on with the legacy that was built by Dick Lipsey and take the SBRnet service to the next level.

Neil Schwartz & Mark Sullivan

Posted: 10/14/2020 4:28:07 PM

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