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Dr. Patrick Rishe began his term as the Director of Olin's Sports Business Program in June 2015. He also is the Founder and President of the sports consulting firm Sportsimpacts founded in 2000, and since 2010 has been a contributing Sports Business writer for Prior to joining Washington University, he was a Full Professor of Economics at Webster University where he had been a tenured faculty member since 2003. He has previously taught his popular Sports Business course as a visiting lecturer at UCLA, Loyola Marymount University, Pepperdine University, and Saint Louis University. He has also been an invited guest speaker at Harvard's Sports Law Symposium, NYU's Tisch School of Management, and in 2015 moderated panels at both the MIT Sports Analytics Conference and Stanford's Sports Innovation Conference.

Q. When did you start the program and how has it evolved to where it is now?

A. The program starting in Fall 2014, I arrived in Summer 2015, and we now have 5 sports-themed courses, over 30 students consistently enrolled in these courses, and we really embrace an experiential approach by getting students involved in case projects and internships.

Q. What are key topics you cover and how?

A. We cover topics in marketing, law, analytics, and management. Our introductory course focuses on the key revenue sources for professional and collegiate sports, as well as discussions regarding collective bargaining agreements, the economics and logistics of sports venues, and broader issues like how to start a sports franchise from scratch or how the Olympics is evolving.

Q. What will sports look like in a Post-Covid World?

A. More touchless and cashless experiences, higher utilization of sports technology both at venues and for the broadcast and home viewing experience, and greater logistical thought put into various venue-related items like sanitation stations, controlling ingress and egress with foot traffic flow, and the like.

Q. How much is data part of your curriculum?

We would love to incorporate more data into the curriculum, but we work with data now to identify trends within the industry...with the hope of using more data sets and software in the future to ensure students have a base level of understanding of the tools/techniques used by industry practitioners today.

Posted: 11/23/2020 2:44:47 PM

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