How do you measure fan behavior when there are no fans at games and other questions


As a sports fan and a person who makes his living in the sports business, I'm grateful that we've had live sports during the Pandemic. I miss attending sporting events in person, but am happy to have the opportunity to watch competitive games on television and thrilled that for the most part the athletes, front office personnel and support staff involved have remained healthy.

"Sports allows us to care a great deal about something that means nothing," once said someone far more articulate than me. And like millions of other Americans I have welcomed the distraction of watching games that allow me to forget about life’s bigger problems, even if just for a few hours.

At SBRnet, we're in the business of monitoring fan behavior: what games do people attend, watch on TV and consume on social media? What are their preferences, behaviors and loyalties? And how can instructors, students and sports business professionals analyze that data and use it as part of their research and assigned projects.

As I write this, we are putting the final touches on the questionnaire for SBR's annual survey of sports fans that is a critical piece of the data we provide each year. This year's report will take into account the year of sports in the pandemic. We will:

  • Exclude questions regarding in-person attendance until live sporting events get back to some semblance of normal
  • Expand questions regarding use of streaming to see the effect of COVID-19 on this growing media delivery channel.
  • Expand questions on social media usage, engagement and influences.
  • and add a series of questions to expand the data pertaining to fantasy sports and add a whole new section for Sports Gambling.

We expect to have the results of this survey in early Q1, around the same time we’ll start to roll out other upgrades to the SBRnet service. We will soon introduce a series of online tutorials focused how users can get the most out of SBRnet data. Through our conversations with users and industry experts we found that so many of the students who use our service are interested in getting jobs in the sports business after graduating college. To that end, we’ll introduce a podcast series called “My First job in Sports,” in which industry professionals will talk about how they landed their first gig, what they learned and what they wished they knew then that they know now.

Neil and I appreciate that so many of you have reached out with questions, advice and encouragement. Please keep it going. We miss attending sports in person, and we also miss the ability to visit and interact with all of you, as well. We look forward to being able to do all of that in 2021.

Author: Mark Sullivan bring over 2 decades of experience from the Sports Media and Trade Publishing side of the business. Mark is also one of the creators of “The Running Event” which remains to this day the premier trade show focused on Running and related categories. To reach Mark:

Posted: 11/23/2020 10:41:37 AM

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