Logo Apparel Buyers Most Responsive to Sport Sponsor Products Generally

Considering three groups of involved sports fans…those who frequently attend games, those who frequently view games online or particularly, or those who purchase sports logo apparel…all three groups are highly responsive to sports sponsors generally, based on an analysis of SBRnet’s Sponsorship Influence Index*. Among the three groups, fans who purchase logo apparel are the most responsive, suggesting that sports sponsors could benefit by working with logo apparel producers in an effort to identify fans who buy their apparel.
However, there are significant differences in terms of the positive influence level, depending on the sport category. For example, as shown in Chart 1 below, among tennis and running fans who purchased logo apparel at some point during the year, even though the Index is above-average (above 100) for both sport categories, tennis fans are nearly twice as likely to be favorably influenced (290) by sport sponsorship vs. running fans (156). Another notable differential in this chart is that, with the exception of Running, non-team sports fans are significantly more responsive to sponsors than are fans of major professional and college team sports.

Among fans who frequently attend games or events, portrayed in Chart 2 below, MLS, motorsports, tennis and MMA fans rank highest with respect to positive attitudes towards sports sponsors. Team sports generally move up the scale with respect to their ranking compared with logo apparel fans, with golf and minor league team sports fans ranking at the bottom of the scale.

Finally, among fans who view game frequently (Chart 3 below), the pattern is similar to fans who attend games frequently with two exceptions…golf and minor league baseball fans move to at or near the top ranking. Another interesting change is that college football and basketball fans rank considerably lower than other sports, although they are still above-average.

*The SPONSORSHIP INFLUENCE INDEX reflects the relationship between highly favorable attitudes (those who indicated they are "extremely" or "very" influenced by sport sponsorship to purchase their products) within a particular market segment of fans in a sport category compared to highly favorable attitudes among all fans in the same sport category. An Index above 100 means that fans are more likely than average to be favorably influenced by sport sponsors.

Summing up, while frequency of fan activity generally relates to positive attitudes toward sport sponsors’ products, it is interesting to note that, among three groups fans studied above, apparel buyers as a group are on average more responsive to sports sponsors than fans who frequently attend games or fans who frequently view games online.
Posted: 5/13/2016 12:12:02 PM

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