Recent Site Additions: College Football Favorite Team Rankings, Sport Participation Summaries, Expanded Product Coverage

All statistical tables for Participation and Sporting Goods have been updated to reflect information for 2015.
Several new statistical tables have been added:
  1. COLLEGE FOOTBALL POWER FIVE CONFERENCE FAVORITE TEAM RANKINGS: A table reflecting how college football fans rank teams in the Power Five conferences as their favorite team has been added to the “College Football” section on the “Football” page. This table can be found by (a) clicking on “Power Five Conference Favorite Team Rankings” on the Football Page under the heading “College Football Fans,” or (b) by clicking on the same link under “College Football” in the “College Sports” link in the black navigation bar on any page.
  2. SPORTS PARTICIPATION: The following tables have been added to the landing page for the “Participation” link in the black navigation bar near the top of any page:
    • Participation Ages 7-17
    • Participation Ages 18-34 (Millennials)
    • Participation Ages 35-54
    • Participation Ages 55-64
    • Participation Ages 65+

    These tables, along with already existing charts for total and frequent participation, reflect trends since 1999 and are an excellent resource for a comprehensive examination and analysis of how the sports participation landscape has changed over the past 15 years.

    An illustration of how these tables can be used appears below in Charts 1 and 2 below.

    Changes in the growth rate over the past 16 years are shown below in Chart 1, which reflects the percent change in number of participants ages 7+ between 1999 and 2015 for six popular sports activities. The highest percentage growth in Participation for these six sports was among 55-64-year-olds. Growth among millenials (18-34-year-olds) was well below other age groups.


    Chart 2 below shows that, while total growth for both sports between 1999 and 2015 was modest and similar, major differences in growth between the two sports occurred within specific age groups, suggesting the critical need to examine participation within various age groups within a sport in order to maximize the effectiveness of strategies designed to enhance growth within that sport.


  3. PRODUCT INFORMATION: Data for the following products have been added to the “Consumer Expenditures” section for the appropriate product categories:
    • Water Sports: Kayaks
    • Lacrosse: Lacrosse Helmets
    • Exercise/Fitness: Pilates link fixed
    • Exercise/Fitness: Abdominal Exercisers

eSports To Be Measured In 2016 Fall Fan Market Study.

While a debate exists as to whether eSports are a “sport” in the true sense, there are enough common characteristics between eSports and “traditional” sports to stimulate the need to add eSports to our annual coverage, at least for the time being.

We will examine the eSports fan market in our upcoming 2016 Sports Fan Market study to learn such things as:

  • How many eSports fans are “traditional” sports fans as well?
  • How many people participate in eSports?
  • What are eSport fan demographics??
  • How frequently do they compete in eSports?
  • What “traditional” sports are most popular among eSport fans?
  • What media forms are most popular among eSport fans?

Results of our 2016 Sports Fan Market study will be available in January of 2017.

Other 2016 Fan Market Study Additions

Other subject additions to our upcoming fan market study include

  1. The addition of Snapchat to social media site coverage.
  2. TV and online viewership levels and demographics for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
  3. Total Brand Share-of-Market for Fast Food chains and Personal Banking.

Additions Coming to Brand Share Index (BSI) Reports For 2016

  1. Expanded product category coverage to include Fast Food chains and Personal Banking.
  2. A major presentation enhancement will be added for 2016 in the form of a greatly expanded series of charts. These charts will considerably enhance the user’s ability designed to create absorbing, engaging classroom assignments.
Posted: 6/27/2016 9:31:00 AM

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