SBRnet Introduces Brand Share-of-Market Analytics

One of the most important considerations facing sports sponsors is how well their brand is already accepted by sports fans, which is reflected by a brand’s share of market (e.g. a particular brand’s percentage of all users among fans of a specific sport category). The degree of a brand’s share of market not only dictates the marketer’s overall strategy when deciding whether to sponsor a sport altogether; it also strongly influences their choice of broadcast, social and print media used to activate a sponsorship.

With this in mind, SBRnet is pleased and proud to announce the addition of Brand Share-of-Market reports for 15 leading consumer product categories frequently involved in sport sponsorship:

Automobile Insurance 
Basketball Shoes 
Brokerage Services
Car Rental Agencies
Cell Phones
Cell Phone Communication Services
Credit Cards
Cross Training/Fitness Shoes
Energy Drinks
Running/Jogging Shoes
Soft Drinks
Sports Drinks
Tablet Computers

Brand share information is drawn from our annual nationwide consumer survey of sports fans conducted last fall. For products in each of the above categories, fans were asked what brand they use most often, and results for each brand are shown in the form of the percentage of fans who mentioned that brand.

From an educational standpoint, brand share analytics provide vital information for sponsorship evaluation and activation, helping to more effectively engage students in marketing assignments because of their widespread connection and emotional attachment to sports teams and personalities.

The information that follows highlights our Brand Share-of-Market services.
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Available In Two Formats: (1) Brand Share-of-Market and (2) Brand Share Index Premium Service (BSI)

1. Brand Share-of-Market (included at no charge with an SBRnet Subscription)

Brand Share-of-Market is provided separately among fans in each of the following Fan Market Categories: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, College FB, College BB, NASCAR, IndyCar, Minor League Baseball, Minor League Hockey, Golf, Tennis and Running.

How to Access on SBRnet:
A link to Brand Share-of-Market data appears in the menu for each sport category. To access the data, first click on the sport, then find the link in the menu for the sport category. (example: To find Brand Share-of-Market for MLB fans, click on “Baseball” in the Sport menu on the home page, then locate the “Brand Share-of-Market” link in the MLB menu).

Below is an example of the kind of analysis that can be performed by drawing statistics from the Brand Share-of-Market tables for various sport categories. This chart was constructed by combining brand share data in Excel in one chart for selected brands of soft drinks for four sport categories (MLS, Soccer-Non-USA, Mixed Martial Arts and MLB):

2. Brand Share Index (Premium Service)

The BSI is an extended cross-tab analysis, combining brand share-of-market with brand share information across a wide spectrum of market segments, offered in spread-sheet format as an optional premium service exclusively for SBRnet subscribers. The Brand Share Index is calculated as follows: if a brand’s share of market among all NFL fans is 12%, but 16% among NFL fans who attend games frequently, then the Brand Share Index among frequent NFL attendees is 133 (16 divided by 12).

The value of this analysis is to provide instant recognition of how each brand is accepted within critical demographic, media, and favorite team market segments, thus greatly enhancing a marketer’s ability to focus sponsorship activities to best achieve specific marketing objectives.

BSI reports are provided for each of 13 sport categories: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, College FB, College BB, NASCAR, Golf, Tennis, Running, Soccer (non-USA) and Mixed Martial Arts. A separate report is also provided for all individuals ages 13+ (a projected universe of 179,000,000) who are fans of at least one sport category measured in our study.

Here are the segments for which the Brand Share Index information is reported:

Demographic Segments
Age (13-17, 18-34, 35-49, 50-64 and 65+)
Gender (Male, Female)
HH Income (Under $25,000, $25,000-$49,999, $50,000-$99,999, $100,000 or more)
Geographic Region (Northeast, Midwest, South, West)
View/Attend Segments
Viewed on TV at Least Once
Viewed on TV Frequently
Viewed Online Total
Viewed Online 2+ times
Viewed Online on Mobile Device
Viewed Online on Smartphone
Viewed Online on Tablet
Viewed Online on Computer
Followed on Facebook
Followed Daily on Facebook
Followed on Twitter
Followed Daily on Twitter
Purchased Logo Apparel Total
Spent Under $50 for Logo Apparel
Spent $50-$199 for Logo Apparel
Spent $200+ for Logo Apparel
Influenced Favorably by Sport Sponsorship
Not at all Influenced by Sport Sponsorship
Played Fantasy Sports-Total
Played Short-Team Fantasy Sports
Played Long-Term Fantasy Sports
Usually Play Fantasy Sports on FanDuel
Usually Play Fantasy Sports on DraftKings
Favorite Professional/College Team Segments
Pro Teams:
Boston Bruins
Boston Celtics
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Bulls
Chicago Cubs
Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Lakers
New England Patriots
New York Giants
New York Yankees
College Teams
Florida State
Michigan State
Notre Dame
Ohio State
Penn State
College Conferences (Power 5)
Atlantic Coast
Big Ten
Big 12

BSI Report Example
Here is an example of the BSI (shown in the red line below) for online viewership behavior for two foreign brands of automobiles, both of which had approximately the same total share among NBA fans:

    Online Game Viewership, in Total and by Device on Which Viewed

Total Online Viewers View 2+ Times/yr. View Total Mobile View on Smart Phone View on Tablet View on Computer
Brand A Number of Owners (add 000) 623 460 529 380 320 311
Brand A Brand Share within segment 4.7 4.7 6.5 7.7 5.5 3.3
Brand A BSI (Brand Share Index) 90 88 124 146 104 62
Brand B Number of Owners (add 000) 416 315 296 151 236 376
Brand B Brand Share within segment 3.2 3.2 3.6 3.1 4.0 4.0
Brand B BSI (Brand Share Index) 53 54 62 52 68 67

As shown in this table, Brand A has significantly higher share among mobile game viewers than Brand B; and this information has major implications for each brand’s marketers when determining whether to sponsor the NBA, and if so, how to use online game broadcasting to best advantage.
Brand Share Index Report Format and Cost:
BSI Reports will be provided in Excel format, updated annually. Reports will be available for access on the website on or before April 15, 2016, exclusively to SBRnet subscribers, for a one-time in-perpetuity cost of $900, entitling a subscriber to continuous access as long as your subscription continues. Payment may be made either in one lump sum to begin the service, or in two payments, $450 to begin the service and $450 to be paid with your next regular subscription renewal.  To request a sample BSI report, contact us (609-896-1996 or email:

Posted: 2/19/2016 12:47:29 PM

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