Brand Share-of-Market Adds New Dimension to SBRnet’s Sport Sponsorship Analytics

A potential sponsor’s share of market can significantly affect their decision as to how to respond to sponsorship proposals from sports organizations. Market share affects not only whether or not to implement a sponsorship…it also affects their message content and their media choices used to activate the sponsorship. Marketing strategies designed to protect a brand’s top market position often differ in form and content from strategies designed to increase a brand’s minor position in the market.
When sports organizations seek to attract consumer product sponsors, knowledge of the prospective sponsor’s share of the market is a critical factor in creating the most effective solicitation.
Note: Subscribers can access Brand Share-of-Market reports from a link provided in each sport category’s (NFL, NBA, NASCAR, etc.) menu on the appropriate sport page, or by using the “Brand Share-of-Market” link in the gold bar near the top of any page.

In keeping with this principle, we are pleased to announce the addition of brand share-of-market data for over 100 leading consumer brands. Product categories featured include automobiles, automobile insurance, rental car agencies, brokerage services, soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, cell phones, cell phone communication services, basketball shoes, running shoes, cross-training/fitness shoes, airlines, credit card services and tablet owners. 

Charts 1 and 2 below are examples of how brand share-of-market fan vary between sport categories. As shown in Chart 1, State Farm’s brand share ranks significantly ahead of GEICO (the second-most-popular brand) among IndyCar, NASCAR, Golf and NBA fans. On the other hand, market share for both brands among Tennis, MMA and Running fans closely resemble each other.

These findings beg the question, “Why is State Farm a strong number-one choice vs. GEICO of IndyCar, NASCAR, Golf and NBA fans, whereas “Why are the two brands equally popular among Tennis, MMA and Running fans?”

As shown in Chart 2, the two leading cell phone brands (Apple and Samsung) are compared. Apple ranks significantly ahead of Samsung among Running, Tennis, NBA and Golf fans, whereas Apple and Samsung have relatively equal brand shares among NASCAR, MMA and IndyCar fans.
Note: Brand share-of-market overall for each sport category is included with SBRnet’s regular subscription.
These findings beg the question, “Why is Apple a strong number-one choice vs. Samsung of Running, Tennis, NBA and Golf, whereas why are the two brands equally popular among NASCAR, Tennis, MMA and IndyCar fans?”

Brand Share Index (BSI)

In order to help subscribers better understand the reasons for differences between brands highlighted above, SBRnet has created an additional premium service that examines brand share information for of wide range of market segments for each brand, listed below:

Demograhic Segments:
● Age: 13-17, 18-34, 35-49, 50-64, 65+
● Income: Under $25,000, $25,000-$49,999, $50,000-$99,999, $100,000 or more
● Region: Northeast, Midwest, South, West
● Gender: Male, Female

Attend/Viewing/Behavior Segments:
● Attended
● Viewed on TV: Total, 2+ Times
● Viewed Online: Total, 2+ Times, Total Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet, Computer
● Followed on Facebook: Total, Daily
● Followed on Twitter: Total, Daily
● Purchased Logo Apparel: Spent Under $50, Spent $50-$199, Spent $200+
● Sponsorship Influence: Influenced, Not Influenced
● Fantasy Sports: Total, Short-Term Players, Season-Long Players, FanDuel, Draftkings
● Regular Exercise/Fitness Participation: Total, 1-109 Days, 110+ Days
Favorite Team Segments:
● New York Yankees
● Boston Red Sox
● Chicago Cubs
● Dallas Cowboys
● New York Giants
● New England Patriots
● Chicago Bulls
● Los Angeles Lakers
● Boston Celtics
● Chicago Blackhawks
● Boston Bruins
● Ohio State
● Penn State
● Florida State
● Notre Dame
● Alabama
● Michigan
● Michigan State
● Texas-Austin
● Big 12 Conference
● Big 10 Conference
● Southeastern Conference
● Atlantic Coast Conference
● PAC-12 Conference.
What’s the value of SBRnet’s Brand Share Index? The answer…not only can a brand’s share vary depending on a particular segment within a sport category, but the pattern of differences can vary depending on the brand itself.
Consider Charts 3 and 4 below. They reflect a comparison of college basketball fans who drink Mountain Dew (with an overall market share of 7.6) vs. those who drink Sprite (with an overall market share of 5.9).
As shown in Chart 3 below, fans who drink Mountain Dew skew heavily in the 25 to 49-year-old age group, whereas Sprite drinkers skew heavily in the 13 to 34-year-old age group

Another example, in Chart 4 below, Mountain Dew has an above-average market share among college basketball fans living in the Midwest and Western regions, whereas Sprite has a stronger share in the Northeast and Southern regions.

Brand Share Index Analytics In the Classroom…
Based on our initial experiences this past month in presenting BSI data to college students, we’ve learned that they become highly engaged when they have the opportunity to examine sport sponsorship research using Brand Share-of-Market data together with the Sponsorship Influence Index, demographics and media behavior. The classroom assignment that worked best was one in which the class was divided into two groups…one pretending to be a sports team or organization seeking sponsors, and one pretending to be a potential sponsor. Each group chooses who they are (for example, a potential sponsor could be Honda and a potential sports organization could be the NCAA). Each group examines all the information from SBRnet and in the process, proceeds to discuss, within a classroom setting, how they might approach their sponsorship objectives.

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Posted: 4/11/2016 5:52:36 PM

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